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BMS Corporate Services Limited is a licensed Trust & Company Service Provider (“TCSP”) in Hong Kong. With over 30 years of professional experience, we provide a full range of corporate services, including assisting in company formation, registration and dissolution, acting as company secretary, providing registered office facility and nominee services, acting as designated representative, preparing Significant Controllers Registers, preparing management accounts and coordinating with auditors, acting as bank signatory and processing payments, administering payroll and Mandatory Provident Fund compliance, filing employer’s returns, and applying for employment visas, trademarks, and government subsidies.

We believe that services bring real value only if they are properly tailored to clients’ needs, and that “off-the-shelf” solutions usually end up costly since the specific needs of different clients vary so greatly. We are international enough to help our clients throughout Asia and world-wide and at the same time, we offer a truly personal service as we know our clients and understand their needs.
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